How to increase sperm motility

How to increase sperm motility


For many people, one thing that is feared most is low sperm motility, the bad news is that it now a growing problem worldwide, affecting both males and females. Current studies indicate that one in every six couples is affected with a third of cases being fertility issues in men alone. While it cannot always be treated, infertility can be improved with healthy food, lifestyle changes or even taking supplements. One aspect of fertility is sperm motility, an important function of healthy sperm cells being able to swim and fertilize the egg. Here we will look at ways through which you can increase your sperm motility


Eating a well balanced diet; apart from ensuring that your meals contain proteins, carbohydrates , minerals and vitamins ,you will need to choose foods which are rich in anti oxidants , they are known to help in improving the sperm health and motility.


Maintaining a healthy body weight: An increasing body mass index is directly linked with decreased sperm count and movement. If you are overweight , you will need to reduce the body weight to ideal levels. To do this, check what your lifestyle and take action to ensure that you maintain healthy weight.

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Managing stress: Stress not only reduces sexual function but also interferes with hormones which the body requires to produce healthy sperm. Avoid or manage stress and you will have high chances of improving the sperm count and health. Managing stress can be as simple as taking a walk , talking to friends, exercising , engaging in yoga activities among other activities.

Regular and moderated exercises: Studies have found that regular and moderated exercises are very effective in increasing the levels of powerful anti-oxidants enzymes which aid in protecting of sperms. Walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics and other exercises can be of great help. Do this at least once in a day ensuring that you do not overdo it as it can have some detrimental effects.

While it is important to check your weight , exercise , manage stress and eat a healthy meal, all the benefits can be wiped out if you engage in activities which expose your body to toxic chemicals. Smoking, taking alcohol and unprescribed drugs expose your sperm to toxics which are interfere with their production and movement. You also need to wear loose underwear, avoid saunas and hot baths as increased scrotal temperatures interfere with sperm production.

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